Osmosis – Institution Management Suite

Digitizing an Institution’s operations to efficiently operate and excel in this era of Internet and Mobile provides numerous benefits to excel in academics as well as in management.

Mobile First Approach

Internet and Mobile has become an un-separated part of our lives. Learner Circle’s Osmosis -Institute Management Suite combines Web and Mobile technologies to nourish and support Institution as whole. We have workflows for everyday school-related activities and routine to enhance the process of imparting knowledge which carters to Pupils, Teachers, Coordinators, Principal and Management. Our cutting edge Institution Management Suite is able to handle every responsibility and share the user-friendly guide to every type of users. The suite has made the routine Institution operation so easy and same time provides an elaborative Dashboard to the management to keep track of important performance indicators. They can update any kind of information in the system just by using their Smart Devices. Just Download the Mobile App and you are good to go!!

Hosted on Safest and Fastest Cloud

Osmosis is hosted on one of the world’s safest and fastest Cloud Infrastructure. Having or not having an IT department is not an issue for any Institution for maintaining the system and database storage of the Institution’s Operations, Academic and more. It preserves the privacy of the detailed data relating to your staff and students. The suite offers the capability to download and your data with proper backup mechanism. Its handy back-up tool supports you to add, update the entire Institution’s data, student’s information, staff information and other HR aspects, finance related information and much more. Backup tool allows you to take a backup of the important data on a daily/weekly/monthly/on-need basis.

Right mix of personalization and security

Osmosis endows power to the Institution administration to revise their data any time they wish to. Our security and privacy policy are firm. Apart from the authorized user, System doesn’t allow any other person to access the data through our suite. Only an authorized person has access to edit the Institution setup and academic curriculum. This security and personalization provides a great deal to Administration and Management. There is no way that sensitive data can be compromised at any point of time.

Multi-Branch Operations Simplified

Osmosis provides great infrastructure to support your multi-branch Institution setup. You can setup from a Head Node to all Child Nodes (Branches). Its Multi-Branch design provides a great control and visibility to Head Node and Operational independence to Branches down the line. Head Node Administrator can define workflows; permission and approval flow for Branches in One-Time setup and can later manage it effortlessly. It supports both type of operations – Single Branch or Multi-Branch.

Packages to suit your size and requirement

Osmosis comes in different packages for supporting various scales of operational requirement. We gladly offer free Basic package to any Non-Governmental Organizations in Academic area. Alpha Package provides support to 2 branches and Beta Package for 5 Branches. Further Packages can be customized if an Institution is bigger than our package offerings. All Packages are available on Software-as-a-Service model, where you have to pay one-time setup charges and user licence. Osmosis provides you flexibility to plug-and-play

Enabling your workforce - Building your future

Osmosis provides training and re-training programs for its users. We provide the training until it reaches the perfection that required to learn as well as to run standard academic management. The privacy and security of the records is our priority. So we keep updating the security etiquette to ensure the clients of our trustworthy service. We also keep upgrading the design and the content of our software to uphold our benchmark. A continuous up-gradation process, a time to time follow-up, a rigorous training about the operational methods, makes our clients stay satisfied.

24x7, Support System

Alpha and Beta comes with after-sale support supported by defined SLA (Service Level Agreement) with complete customer satisfaction helps to boost our work efficiency until its best. These packages include comprehensible fast responses via Web/Mobile App/ Online Help Desk. There channels are approachable anytime whenever an issue arises. 24x7 technical support team is active to solve any technical issues. For SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and Quick-fixes, there is an online Chatbot integrated into the software that answers any queries instantly.

Main reasons to choose Osmosis

Packages to suit your scale of operations

We offer standard out of the box features to suit your requirements. Further, everything is customizable and can be tailored.

Best Price

We offer affordable charges in the market with no compromise with Quality.

24x7, Support

We provide infrastructure for round the clock continuous service without any kind of interruption.

Email us at support@learnercircles.com

We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Support to make their Theme Experience Wonderful Osmosis Offering